News - 2017, Week 11

Sunday19th Mar 2017

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Thursday16th Mar 2017

  • News Project Sonic 2017's Official Title Is Sonic Forces

    First look at gameplay will be uploaded tomorrow

    Today, during the Sonic Panel at Austin's SXSW Gaming event Sonic Team revealed that Project Sonic 2017 will officially be called Sonic Forces. This comes from the fact that the game will explore the "Forces of Good and Evil" - it's possible we could see something similar to Sonic Adventure 2 and its...

Friday17th Mar 2017

  • News Super Bomberman R Update Now Live

    Improves online play in the game, along with reducing input lag

    If you're a Super Bomberman R player, you should hopefully find your Nintendo Switch has automatically downloaded the version 1.2 update for you today. The update is supposed to improve the online play within the game which a lot of people were having issues with. Input lag with the...

Thursday16th Mar 2017

  • News Sonic Mania Has Been Delayed Until Summer

    Slips from original Spring release window

    During the SXSW Sonic panel held by Aaron Webber, a myriad of Sonic Mania details has been revealed. The game, which was originally slated to be a title which would come out in spring of 2017, has unfortunately been delayed until the following summer of 2017. The development team stressed that they were...

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