If Samurai Showdown and Garou: Mark of the Wolves had a beautiful son, they would call it The Last Blade. A dream combination of the first armed combat and the animation of the second, The Last Blade brings along a unique feature that turns what might be just another button mashing contest into a beautiful ballet of skilled parry and deflect combat thanks to the "D" button function.

On December 12th you will be able to pick one of ten memorable characters, chose between Power or Speed and off you go to live out your wildest Rurouni Kenshin fantasies in story mode or throw a joy-con to your closest fighting game enthusiastic friend and have at it for the title of ultimate weapon master.

Will you sharpen your swords once more when this releases on Switch next week or will you wait for the equally brilliant sequel? Do you believe series poster boy Kaede is in fact a long lost Saiyajin who just dropped on Earth during the feudal Japan era? Skillfully parry your blows in the comments section below.