Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been sitting firmly in the cartridge slots of countless Switch consoles since its release at the start of the month. If after hours and hours of exploration you're just as enamoured with the game's art as we are, you may be interested to take a look at some behind the scenes discussion about the process.

In a recent series appearing on Nintendo UK's official website, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 main character designer Masatsugu Saito has delved into some juicy details about the thought process behind the design and creation of characters such as Rex and Pyra. One key detail talks about how the characters were designed with a very obvious, and very different, colour palette to ensure that players could quickly identify them from far away. 


Interestingly, Saito-san goes on to explain that he made a request to the development team to ensure that each character's personality shined through as they walk - a subtle feature that can go a long way to making them feel more 'real'. 

If you're interested in reading up on his thoughts and looking through some lovely concept art for your favourite characters, make sure to read through part one and part two of the blog series.