Indie studios Crunching Koalas and Pixelated Milk are bringing the tactical RPG Regalia: Of Man And Monarchs to consoles, it has announced. 

Influenced by JRPG classics, Regalia is already available on PC and the console versions (under the "Royal Edition" banner) will benefit from all available DLC as well as an "endless" mode and new characters.

Here's some of the title's key selling points, courtesy of the developer:

+ Traverse through lands of robust turn-based battles, diverse quests and distinct bosses.
+ Bond with dozens of colourful characters who will help you along your journey.
+ Tone down the difficulty level or skip battles if you’re not in a mood for a fight.
+ Experience a fair amount of epicness and tons of humour; Samurai dwarves?!
+ Bring back your best jRPG memories with hours of engaging gameplay.
+ Face the newly-added endless mode and prove your tactical skills.

Does this sound like it's something you'd want to play on your Switch? Let us know with a comment.