Some developers are certainly in a giving mood. Arriving on the same day as a new free island as DLC in Kingdom: New Lands, now the rather good music rhythm game SUPERBEAT: XONiC has a couple of new tracks, which should be available at no cost in the Switch version right now. 

A preview video and some details are below.

~ Song List ~

1. Expressive Air 06
2. Vertical Horizon

This new song pack features Yousuke Yasui who has worked on titles like dodonpachi, Carnage Heart, Touhou, RIDGE Racer & Arcana Heart!

Also, Planetboom famous for his previous works on the DJMAX franchise makes a COMEBACK with his latest single [exclusive to the game], Vertical Horizon!

Free content is always a nice thing to have - will you be trying out these new tracks?