A little while ago we shared news on Brawlout, a title by Angry Mob Games that isn't hesitant to affirm itself as an Indie take on the Smash Bros. style of brawling. Similar techniques are cited as key to gameplay, and you use assorted - in some cases familiar - indie characters to bash others off the screen.

Back in August it was confirmed to be due this year, and the developer has hit that target - it'll land on Switch on 19th December globally (includes Europe, North America and Japan, for example). Check out the launch trailer below.

It certainly looks enticing, and previous details around what it has to offer suggest quite a lot of modes, along with flexibility in local and online multiplayer. It costs £14.99 as an early access release in the UK on Steam, for example, and has 'Mostly Positive' reviews on the PC platform.

We're looking forward to testing this out - is it the Indie Smash Bros. alternative we've all been waiting for?