Each week brings a dizzying range of new titles on the Switch eShop, a number of which we've already covered in news posts in recent times - the likes of Slain: Back from Hell and The Sexy Brutale are right around the corner. Another title that deserves a nod to be on the radar, also out this week, is Dimension Drive.

As you can see in the video it's a shoot 'em up, with the twist that you have to switch between two sides of the screen. You have limited energy on each side, meaning that you need to alternate back and forth while trying to deal with the various things trying to kill you. It has four difficulty settings and 13 stages (with another 13 to play 'mirrored') along with support for local co-op.

Developed by 2Awesome Studio, it's the work of two engineers that once worked at the European Space Agency. We gave a PC build a whirl and spoke to the studio's David Jimenez a little while ago.

Is this one in the reckoning for your eShop purchases this week?