Pokémon Duel - originally released in Japan as Pokémon Co-master - is the strategic board-game fix that The Pokémon Company offers to mobile players. It's still getting major updates, and the latest overhaul is rolling out right now.

It makes some notable changes to the UI, and also adds various things that probably make sense to those that play the game - details are below.

  • New Look, New Feel: In addition to an all new look in the app's home screen, the game now has an improved UI and a combined information and messages box, making in-app navigation easier for players.
  • New Mega Evolutions: New Mega Evolution figures for existing figures of Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert. 
  • New Items, [UX] Rare Metal, [UX] Ingot, and [UX] Cube: With the introduction of UX materials, figures can more easily be powered up. Players will be able to further strengthen their existing figures even faster or make their Mega Evolution figures even more powerful. 
  • Improved Fourth Booster Case Slot!: The fourth booster case slot that players can open through purchase will now also be guaranteed to drop materials. With the addition of the above UX materials, players will be able to boost their figures even faster. 
  • Commemorative Update Login Bonus: In addition to the regular login bonus, players can also receive additional diamonds, items, and/or figures. 
  • Improved Featured Duels: Players will now be able to browse by category making the feature easier to use.

We gave this a modest recommendation in our original review, though updates will have tweaked a lot since then. Let us know if you're still playing this one.