We all know Switch is the hottest place to be right now, especially when it comes to giving classic titles a new lease of life - just look at the recently announced Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - so you'll be pleased as punch to learn Japanese publishing giant Square Enix is keen to get some of its digital back catalogue on Switch. Especially when it comes to bringing older titles to the attention of younger Switch owners.

CEO Yosuke Matsuda told MCV in a recent interview:

One of our other big initiatives is to get as many of our past titles available via digital releases. Among the younger generations of gamers, you’ve got lots of people out there who may have heard of our past titles, but have never had an opportunity to play them.

Matsuda goes on to say that simply porting versions as they are onto Switch wouldn't be its strategy if a Switch-focused program was to be undertaken:

So we think that programme of porting and transferring the older titles over to newer platforms, such as the Switch, is very important. So that people get that awareness of our back catalogue. Just straight ports isn’t cutting it, we need to update those and modernise them to make something that works for modern gamers too.

Could we eventually see some of the biggest and most beloved titles from Square Enix hit Switch? Classic Final Fantasy, anyone? Or maybe Secret of Mana, which is coming to PS4 and PS Vita, but not Switch? Do the right thing, Square Enix...

[via nintendo-insider.com]