Cycle Across Kanto

Here's a fun looking Kickstarter to start your day with. "Cycle Across Kanto" - if successfully funded - is going to be a 40-day, feature-length documentary taking the first-ever cinematic journey through the real-life world of Pokémon.

It's no secret that the fictional lands found in various Pokémon games over the years are inspired by real-world locations. The first set of Pokémon games took place in a region called Kanto, a place nearly identical to the south-eastern Kanto region of Japan. So this group of cinematographers, animators, and storytellers want to take you on this adventure to get an in-depth look into how these forests, mountains, and towns inspired the layouts of the games we've come to love.

Check out the pitch for the Kickstarter:

The team consists of a diverse set of determined filmmakers with 35 years of shared experience between them, ready to cycle across the Japanese countryside just for you.

For Pokémon fans this sounds like a worthwhile project to get behind. Let us know if you plan to help these intrepid explorers reach their goal of $132,000 in the next 30 days with a comment below - or if you think they should be funding this jolly holiday out of their own pockets.