Perhaps you remember Tallowmere from its release on the Wii U eShop last year; we really liked it in our review. If you missed it, however, then we have some great news for you. Teyon will be taking on publishing duties this time and bringing Chris McFarland's indie game to the Switch eShop on 9th November, priced at $6.99USD / €6.99.

The challenge is to see how far you can get into the dungeons. Each randomly-generated room gets bigger, harder, and more rewarding the further you go. You hunt for the key in each room - or die trying - with lots of enemies, bosses and treasure chests to discover. There are also various new weapons and armour ranging from Basic to Otherworldly. It aims to get you into the 'one more go' mentality, which it certainly did for us on Wii U.

Let us know if you will be picking up this lovely game on the Switch next week.