Part of the pull of the Switch’s hybrid nature is that no game on the platform feels too big or too small for it, as the handheld nature can make those smaller indie experiences feel like a natural fit. Currently, there’s a bit of a dearth of shmup games in the Switch library, which is a bit disappointing for those looking for a fast paced, bite-sized action game of that sort on the go. If a recent tweet is to be believed, however, it seems that a new shmup will be due on the console at some point in the near future.

Sky Force Reloaded is a popular shmup that’s seen a release on mobile platforms, with a PC release due later this year and a console release sometime after that. In a tweet today, Infinite Dreams posted an image showing off boxes of the game for all four major platforms, with the Switch version being the new announcement. No further information is available at the time, but hopefully we won’t have to be waiting too much longer for this one.

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