When Nintendo revealed HD Rumble back in January and gave initial hands-on impressions of 1-2-Switch we marvelled at its fidelity; as an effect it's been used well in various ways, with highlights perhaps being racers like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and FAST RMX. Of course, the subtle capabilities of the rumble can be utilised in various ways, with Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura going an interesting route.

This download-only Senran Kagura 'dating sim' spin-off was revealed only in the Japanese version of an April Nintendo Direct, with the HD Rumble pitched as simulating various sensations by touching and bonding with the girl on screen. It makes absolutely no secret of the fact it's a mature game, with Marvelous using phrases like "chest-throbbing chronicle" in promotional material. The core gameplay is all about developing a relationship through various massages and 'reflexology'. Its Direct video effectively sums up the kind of experience it'll offer.

Well, it's launching this week in Japan, on 24th November - as the eShop is region free anyone will be able to access it, though the dialogue will go over the heads of those that can't speak Japanese.

It certainly shows cultural differences between territories - the Senran Kagura series as a whole has caused division in Europe and North America, while there's little fuss around its release in Japan, albeit with ratings doing their job. We doubt this will ever be localised, but Gal Gun 2 will be, as one example. It can also be argued that game ratings are in place to identify mature games, and on a broader note Nintendo is reportedly eager to see more mature games on Switch to expand the system's audience.

In any case, Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura may get people talking once it arrives later this week.

[via gematsu.com]