Sonic meme.JPG

Being a Sonic fans means dealing with various highs and lows, with the franchise being - we think it's fair to say - inconsistent over the years. In the past decade there have been excellent games, ok games and a couple that should never have seen the light of day. In recent years one thing has been constant, however - the Sonic the Hedgehog social team has had a good laugh.

Even when beset by technical problems in live events or pushing memes so baffling that most of us simply don't get it, the Sonic social media team has nevertheless knocked it out of the park for a good while. On Twitter, for example, there are almost four million followers of the Sonic account.

The latest gimmick to promote the imminent arrival of Sonic Forces is an Eggman (ahem, Dr. Robotnik) takeover of the Twitter account, which has started with a video post.

If you're a fan of the Sonic social media team's work it'll be worth keeping an eye on that Twitter account over the next 24 hours.

Still, here's a more important topic - are you planning to buy Sonic Forces on Switch next week? There's a slightly odd demo on the Japanese eShop if you want to try it out before its release.