Shaking things up

Niantic has surprised Pokémon GO players by updating the game's raid roster over the weekend.

The most noticeable change is the fact that raids now last for 45 minutes instead of the usual hour. However, Niantic has also changed the raid roster around a bit, with some of the choices proving to make more sense than others.

Here are the new raid tiers:

Tier 1

  • Ivysaur
  • Charmeleon
  • Wartortle
  • Metapod

Tier 2

  • Sableye
  • Magneton
  • Marowak
  • Cloyster
  • Tentacruel
  • Sandslash

Tier 3

  • Porygon
  • Ninetales
  • Scyther
  • Omastar
  • Alakazam
  • Gengar
  • Machamp

Tier 4

  • Poliwrath
  • Victreebel
  • Golem
  • Nidoking
  • Nidoqueen
  • Lapras
  • Tyanitar
  • Snorlax

It's nice to finally have an altered raid lineup, but what do you make of some of those picks? Let us know with a comment.