Monopoly isn't exactly a snappy game, but Monopoly for Nintendo Switch took the laid-back approach too far with a strange bug that led to load times potentially in excess of 10 minutes. You could quite easily set it going, make a coffee and glance over a newspaper before the game got started, which is impressive in all the wrong ways.

It seemed to be an issue with the game's management of the Switch's available memory and resources, with a solution being to shut the system off and start again - Ubisoft also promised a proper fix.

An update has now started to roll out, and some with the game have taken to Reddit and confirmed that it appears to resolve the problem. That's good news as, perhaps despite some expectations, it seems to be a relatively popular release.

Let us know if you've noticed a change, or if you're waiting to pick this one up at a discount in the future.

With thanks to all that sent this in.

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