Some wordy Wii U owners may remember Letter Quest Remastered, the rather charming word game / puzzler / RPG that arrived in mid-2016; it was rather good. The good news is that Digerati Distribution and Bacon Bandit Games have confirmed it's coming to the Switch, all set for release on 23rd November.

Below is a trailer and some details on what it'll have to offer.

Play as the curiously adorable grim reapers, Grimm and Rose, as they embark on a perilous quest for pizza. Use the awesome power of words to battle a motley crew of monsters and make your way through 40 stages of letter-slinging brawls.  

Key features

  • Story mode: Spell your way to victory (and pizza) across 40 stages
  • Collect all four stars on every stage for 100% completion
  • Think fast to complete time trials and prove your word mastery on extra challenging hard stages
  • Earn gems to spend on different upgrades, books, weapons, and special items
  • Endless mode: See how long you can survive against a constant conveyor belt of baddies
  • Quests: 70 additional challenges to complete for extra gems
  • Built-in dictionary of over 192,000 English words
  • For players of all abilities, from novice noun hounds to legendary lexicographers
  • Can be played using touchscreen controls when using Nintendo Switch in handheld mode

Spell out your purchasing intentions for this in the comments below.