Blaster Master Zero is a real gem that could adequately be described as the gift that keeps on giving. Since launch, Inti Creates has given the game an impressive amount of support, adding in several extra playable characters and new game modes to keep players interested in the retro shooter while enticing new ones with a broader selection of content. It seems that the support for the game still hasn’t seen its end yet, as Inti Creates has just detailed what to expect out of the next major update.

Version 1.5 will add in Blaster Battle Mode, a 1v1 multiplayer mode that allows players to pick from any of the available characters and duke it out in an arena. Various different stage types and rules can be applied, and even each character’s Sophia tank will have special abilities. Best of all, this update will be free, packing in even more content to the base game mode.

What do you think? Will you be playing this much? Do you think Inti Creates will go for a sequel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.