When it comes to premium cases for things, WaterField Design has got the market cornered as far as portable Nintendo consoles go. We recently checked out their premium cases for Nintendo Switch and they were blooming lovely.

The talented folks over at WaterField are nothing less than perfectionists of course and to celebrate the launch of Super Mario Odyssey, they begun work on a new special case. Above you can get a sneak peek of the WaterField Arcade Gaming Case for the Nintendo Switch, which will be available to buy in early November.

The case has been designed based on feedback from customers who would like a case to fit everything the CitySlicker case holds (console, Joy-cons, straps, cables, ear buds, games) plus their AC power adapter. It looks like this case will do just that.

Let us know if this sneak peek has whetted your appetite for a premium Switch case with a comment below.