Sonic Forces is out very soon and plenty are keen to see how it shapes up on the Switch. To that end SEGA has released a demo on the Japanese eShop, which is nice. You only get to try stages for one minute at a time, however, which is downright goofy.

There are three stages available - one boss fight, one fast-paced Sonic level and one with a choice of three pre-designed avatars. Weirdly every time you kick off a stage the one minute countdown begins; when that hits zero you get this screen.

Sonic Forces Switch demo.jpg

You then get a cinematic (likely a good chunk of the download) and the chance to start again (from the beginning) on any of the stages. On the one hand it's nice to play them as many times as you want, but that one minute countdown means you can't get far.

It's a tad bizarre, but it's easy to find if you want to play it. You'll need a Japanese My Nintendo account to link into a user on your Switch - hop into the Japanese eShop and scroll to the fourth category down. Select the Sonic Forces page and then tap the orange button on the right - that's it!

It's a strange demo, and after a brief playthrough this scribe is a tad concerned at its performance on Switch - but it's only a brief taste. Let us know if you've tried it out in the comments.

Hat tip to Tsurii for the heads up.