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A couple of weeks ago we brought WGAYPTW™ back here on Nintendo Life, and everyone seemed to have a jolly time. With Halloween right around the corner it's time to pick it up once again.

Of course, a certain incredible game is out now, so plenty will be playing that - but it's the spookiest time of the year and there are lots of amazing games available. We can all multitask? Right?

So, as promised the series is back in the swing of things and a handful of our team share their gaming plans below.

Tom Whitehead

Well, having reviewed and indeed binged on Super Mario Odysseywon't be playing it this weekend. I know, controversial.

Instead I've picked up The Mummy Demastered for Switch, especially as it seems to share some of the strengths of forgotten classic Aliens: Infestation. That'll likely be my main game, but I also plan to get back into The Walking Dead Season One on PC; I progressed quite far a while ago but the save corrupted and I gave up in a huff, but I'm giving it another chance in order to then move onto the various sequels and spin-offs that are already lurking in my Steam library. Oh, and just for the heck of it I'll fire up the SNES Mini for a bit of Super Castlevania IV.

Those seem like suitable games for the season, in any case.

Ryan Craddock

In what is a truly (not at all) shocking turn of events, I’ll start my list off with Super Mario Odyssey. I imagine almost every single colleague of mine will give it a mention this week so I won’t gush about how excited I am for it too much. My Friday has mainly consisted of waiting by my front door, hoping for a visit from my soon-to-be best friend Mr. Postman.

Luckily, my current, almost unhealthy, need for 3D platforming fun has been kept under control this week by Poi: Explorer Edition. We’ll have a review for you soon enough but my early time with the game has been a really pleasantly surprising experience; I can’t help but be reminded of Super Mario Sunshine’s pure awesomeness at every single turn and, as soon as I’ve eaten this very tasty looking slice of toast, I’ll be getting right back into the action!

Super Castlevania IV.jpg

Liam Doolan

As I seem to note every year, Australians are slowly beginning to embrace Halloween. What has recently been brought to my attention though is that the country is now also celebrating the Mexican holiday – Day of the Dead – which honours family and friends who have passed away. My own observations aside, this year I’ll be playing Super Castlevania IV and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts on my SNES Classic Mini. Having recently watched the first season of the Castlevania Netflix series, I’m now keen to check out one of the more classic video game entries – which I’m ashamed to admit I did not play much of back in the day. Super Ghouls’n Ghosts is another game I’m looking forward to revisiting, and if I get the chance I might also do a time trial on Ghost Valley in Super Mario Kart

Ron DelVillano

Between carving pumpkins and eating too much pumpkin-shaped candy, I’m planning to spend my Halloween weekend playing some spooky gaming classics. Just kidding! I’ll be playing Super Mario Odyssey with the rest of you! And probably some Fire Emblem Warriors if I need a break from Odyssey and want a change of pace. Besides, I still don’t quite trust Cappy...

Morgan Sleeper

This weekend, like most of the Nintendo Life family, I'd wager, I'm planning to spend some quality time curled up with the Switch and Super Mario Odyssey! I haven't had the best track record with sticking with Mario games over the years - Super Mario Land 2 is the only one I remember finishing! - but Odyssey's globe-hopping theme has got me seriously excited, and I can't wait to see what's in store! When the Switch needs to recharge, I'll happily hop over to my 3DS. I'm playing (and very much enjoying) the 'other' Odyssey - Etrian Odyssey V --for review, and I've been having a great time working my way through Layton's Mystery Journey case by case as I get the time. It's rainy and windy and fully Fall up here in the Pacific Northwest, so a good mystery and a cup of tea sounds just about perfect!

Knight Terrors.jpg

Lee Meyer

This weekend, I'll be diving head-first into my most anticipated game of the year, Super Mario Odyssey! This amazing slice of video game goodness will likely take up most of my gaming time, but I'll try to continue playing the devilishly challenging (for me, at least) Knight Terrors. As a fan of endless runners, I enjoy Knight Terrors' aesthetic and just-one-more-try gameplay, as well as the unlockable modes and items. Overall, it's a great time to be a Nintendo fan, and this weekend is the culmination of almost a year of Switch hitting it out of the park.

Jon Cousins

Mario Odyssey, without a doubt. It's been twenty years in the making, but it looks like I will have the true successor to Mario 64 in my hands. Taking nothing away from Sunshine, Galaxy or 3D World, but nothing has captured my imagination like Mario 64. I played Odyssey at a demo event last weekend, and for the 15 minutes of play time (and the two moons) I got, I feel like it could have been three hours and I still wouldn't have achieved anything, such is the pure joy of just walking around and discovering things. Aside from that, I'll probably dip into Splasher. Billed as a cross between Super Meat Boy, Portal and Splatoon, I played it on Switch at TGS and it's super slick, vivid and fun.

Those are some of our plans. Hit up the comments below to let us know what you'll be playing!