Sonic Forces is now just a few weeks away, and plenty of Blue Blur fans will be hoping it follows the lead of the retro-infused Sonic Mania in bringing the IP back to the top of the game. Whether it'll deliver that is up in the air so far, but there's always hope.

In recent weeks SEGA has been cranking up the hype machine for the release, and has now published two new videos. One highlights the "Rental Avatar" feature; this allows you to 'borrow' avatar characters created by other players in order to utilise their Wispon abilities. You can swap between your own avatar and the rented one in a stage, and this is shown off in the brief boss fight snippet below.

There's also a longer video showcasing a chemical plant / space port stage; in this case the avatar has the Drill Wispon.

Are you excited about this one and the potential to experiment with Avatars and Wispons? Well, there's not long to wait now...