The standard Nintendo Download Update is on a Thursday, but with more titles arriving on Switch alongside other versions we're seeing a variety of games on different days. Due to how busy each week's update is at present it's easy to lose track of these odd-day releases. With that in mind, here's a pre-update reminder on the games that have already arrived on the eShop this week (both Europe and North America).

Don't Knock Twice

This is a movie tie-in and clearly targeting the Halloween audience on the Switch, as you explore a spooky house from a first-person perspective. Priced at £9.99 / €12.49 / $12.49 it's promising on paper, but it somewhat unravels in the end result, as we argue in our Don't Knock Twice review.

Rogue Trooper Redux

Comfortably the most high profile of the early arrivals, this is a remaster of a fondly regarded 2006 third-person shooter. Fans of the 2000AD comic book series likely need little persuading, but nevertheless it's a solid and fun solo campaign, while there are also some modest online options. We gave it a recommendation in our Rogue Trooper Redux review.

The Count Lucanor - Europe only, NA release on 19th October

This is a "mystery and horror adventure" that previously made its mark on Steam; it has a stylish look to go along with its suitably creepy gameplay. We're still working on our review, but did get a good taste of what it's all about in our recent hands on impressions.

Have you picked any of these titles up, or are you planning to do so?