The legendary video of Brandon Kuzma tearing open his N64 on Christmas Day 1998 has gone down as one of the most famous Nintendo-related YouTube videos of all time, to the point where Brandon himself - now all grown up and less excitable around wrapped items - continues to milk it. And why not?

However, time waits for no man and it would seem that Brandon and his beloved N64 have some serious competition in the form of Erick Garcia's 7-year-old son. 

The youngster was surprised (via Skynet forerunner Google Home - you can tell this is 2017 and not 1998) by the arrival of a Nintendo Switch on his birthday, at which point he falls over and actually rotates on the ground due to sheer, pent-up excitement. What's interesting is that in both of these cases, siblings are close by to share the joy.

So who wore it best? You decide.