Uh oh, prepare your wallets, the festive season is almost upon us. A genuinely lovely time of the year that's always very efficient at emptying bank accounts; naturally Nintendo is hoping you'll throw some of your holiday money its way.

Every year Nintendo of America puts together a holiday website to point fans towards goodies they can buy, and this year's effort is actually quite impressive. Probably reflecting a bit more confidence courtesy of Switch buzz and the 3DS having hits of its own, the site goes big with various categories pointing to both the systems and their games; there is an entry for the SNES Classic Edition, too, if more stock comes around.

Beyond plugging lots of familiar games, a couple of nice touches are categories for 'Toys & more' along with 'Fun on a budget', catering to those watching every cent or looking for something a bit different.

All of the links on this official site relate to the North American market, but anyone else looking for ideas can check it out as well.

Will you be buying a lot of Nintendo gifts (or hoping to receive them) in the Holiday season?

[via happyholidays.nintendo.com]