If you've been browsing the 'Coming Soon' section of the European eShop with regularity you've likely seen Hollow in the mix. A first-person shooter / horror title, it's been hard to judge for Switch as the store's trailer was only a cinematic video.

The developer is keen to highlight that progress is solid, however, tweeting a video of off-screen footage to show how the game is running to date. In tweeted replies it's stated that the game is targeting native 1080p docked and 720p on the portable.

It seems to be another positive use of the Unreal engine, in particular - The Flame in the Flood, out today, is another title using Unreal. It's been a notable step-up for Switch, as the Wii U was well known for struggling with the relatively common toolset.

Hollow is out on PC (Steam) on 16th November, so hopefully the Switch won't be too far behind.