Infinite Fall's critically acclaimed adventure title Night in the Woods could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. When we say 'could' it's because the studio is being quite cagey about the whole thing.

Infinite Fall recently tweeted some information relating to the Weird Autumn update - described as a "director's cut" - and mentioned that the game is coming to "another console" (it's already available on PS4 and Weird Autumn will see the game's previously-confirmed debut on Xbox One).

While there's no official confirmation that it's coming to Switch, we can't imagine what other console Infinite Fall is referring to. PS Vita? That's an outside choice at best, and we'd be willing to bet - oh, at least a packet of Monster Munch - that the game is bound for Nintendo's hybrid platform. Every other indie game worth its salt is coming to the eShop, after all.

Why should you be excited about this? Well, Night in the Woods is kind of a big deal. Our friends over at Push Square awarded it 9 out of 10, stating:

Night in the Woods is a truly magnificent adventure game. An eclectic array of different gameplay mechanics play off of a small American town vibe incredibly well. While the gameplay is fun and varied, the main attraction is the absolutely incredible writing. A college-aged life crisis story paired with some much darker and more sinister elements is used as the framework for developing some of the best-realised relationships we've seen in gaming. All of this set to an incredible soundtrack, while utilising a wonderful art style with exceptional use of colours that makes the experience that much sweeter.

So there.