If you watch a bit of YouTube or follow wider trends of PC gaming, you likely know all about PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. It's taken the Battle Royale format and popularised it to an impressive degree, becoming one of the biggest active games in the world and the subject of console wars. Microsoft secured an upcoming port for Xbox, while PS4 owners get Fortnite: Battle Royale.

It's hot topic stuff, which does leave Nintendo out somewhat. Black Riddles Studios - a small independent company - is trying to step into the void, announcing through its Fig crowdfunding campaign that its game - Crazy Justice - is now targeting the Switch for Q2 2018. It's a shooter than in some ways resembles Fortnite more due to its options for building walls and customising abilities. Pitching itself as 'Battle Royale' does seem to be a push based on the available information; it seems more like an arena shooter with gameplay elements (such as a shrinking safe zone) inspired by PUBG. Whether the maps are big enough to take it beyond the 'arena' characterisation will be interesting to see.

See for yourself in the videos below.

At the time of writing the crowdfunding campaign is nearly 70% of the way to its $30,000USD goal, with the Switch download version added in a $15 backer category. As always with crowdfunding, backing projects is at your own risk.

As the debut game for a new studio it looks interesting, in any case; we'll see how it turns out in 2018.

[via fig.co]