As promised Nintendo has lifted the lid on its Animal Crossing mobile title - it's called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and will launch in late November on both iOS and Google Play.

First of all, the videos (including a short 'digest') are below.

As you can see it's looking like a rather extensive experience. Despite the campsite setting a lot of the same hooks remain in place - you have a home to decorate and expand, while you manage a campsite rather than a full town. It's all about gathering resources to construct furniture and amenities for the site. The map shows four varied areas to visit, too - you can find different resources and also bond with a variety of animals. If you do tasks for them that's another way to earn useful goods, and they'll visit your campsite.

In terms of online features there are a couple of key areas. One is that you can have other human visitors and become friends through the app, and likewise you can visit other camps. You can exchange praise as 'kudos' and even buy goods from each other, while there's also a marketplace to buy other goodies with in-app money.

As expected there are also optional microtransactions, with pricing in US dollars below. These Leaf tickets can be spent on resources or items, and can also be used as a shortcut to speed up construction. These are typical mobile approaches, though as Animal Crossing is normally a patient experience many will likely wait out build times. You can also earn Leaf tickets (and conventional Bells) in-game and through achievements, plus My Nintendo support seems inevitable.

Leaf tickets.JPG

Let us know what you think of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp so far. It looks like quite a fleshed out Animal Crossing experience for mobile, and it'll be fascinating to see how well balanced its microtransactions are in the free-to-start title; you can pre-register your interest at this website.

Are you excited about this?