Hello there lovely people! Our video producer extraordinaire Alex is off on his holidays, but he's found time to check out the Game Devil Pro-S wireless Switch controller for you lucky people before he jetted off.

At £37.99 this is quite reasonably priced for a wireless controller for use with the Switch; the official Switch Pro Controller usually costs around £59.99. Below is some official blurb for the pad:

  • Works with Switch game console
  • Changeable D-Pad. Choose between 3 Different designs for better playing experience
  • Bluetooth wireless reaches up to 8 meters
  • Dual feedback for a great immersive experience
  • Turbo function. Perfect for arcade and action games
  • Dual analog sticks and extended triggers for precise movement
  • Easy connection for instant gaming
  • Great design, feeling, high-end casing and buttons

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Alex found the controller to be perfectly fine, although as it lacks gyro it won't be any use for Splatoon 2. The rumble feature isn't as good as HD Rumble and of course it can't scan amiibo either.

But if all you want is a player 2 controller for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers you could do a lot worse than this, it seems. The changeable D-pad is also an interesting idea. Let us know if you plan on picking one of these up with a comment below.