Long-time readers of the site make recall that we covered Josh "Bit Block" Thomas' previous efforts in the "Make Believe" series of YouTube videos, where he creates his own assets to show how future Nintendo titles could look.

He's retooled the format to focus around static, mocked-up shots and has created a surprisingly fleshed out part of a possible future Animal Crossing game, focused on a fishing mini-game. The level of depth is stunning; it's not hard to believe that these screens could be taken from an official video game (a trick Thomas has pulled before).

Animal Crossing has become one of Nintendo's most important franchises, scoring million-selling hits on the DS and 3DS. We already know that a smartphone title is one the way, but the inevitable Switch release could be one of the console's biggest releases yet, if the life-consuming 3DS entry, New Leaf, is anything to go by.

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