The range of genres and styles on the Switch eShop continues to grow, and horror is gradually making its mark. It's now confirmed that Layers of Fear: Legacy is heading to the Switch soon, which is good news for those that enjoy some frights.

Released on other consoles in early 2016 simply as Layers of Fear, it's a horror game developed by Bloober Team that draws on inspiration from other genre games and various horror movies. You explore room to room, as you'd expect, but it was critically claimed for its smart design, tricks and its ability to manipulate players to have the most impact. Our chums at Push Square were big fans.

We suspect that the aim will be to get it out in time for Halloween, but right now the 'redesigned masterpiece' is simply down as coming soon. It'll be interesting to see what features it throws in to justify the 'Legacy' name, as well. There's been DLC called 'Inheritance' for the original game, so that may be included as standard, while we'd love to see support for HD Rumble.

Is this on your radar?