The Nintendo Switch eShop is on a roll lately with one quality release after another. Next week on 14th September we'll be getting Semispheres, which is a 'meditative parallel puzzle' game by the Canadian indie studio Vivid Helix.

Semispheres is a rather nice looking 2D puzzle game, with a lovely synth-led soundtrack by none other than Sid Barnhoorn, who is also the composer of Antichamber and The Stanley Parable. In the game you seek to reunite two parallel worlds with a single-player split-screen mechanic which puts you in control of two characters at the same time.

In Semispheres, each analogue stick controls a different avatar in environments that might initially appear identical but reveal profound differences crucial to progression. Portals allow the avatars to enter each other's reality, creating complex inter-dimensional puzzles, with success reliant on methodical planning and skilful execution. It’s not all esoteric brain workouts, though. Tension is introduced through the sentries that guard these worlds, whose fields of vision you must evade in order to find safe passage and the eventual resynchronisation of the worlds.

With puzzles that escalate in complexity it sounds like Semispheres will present a real challenge for both puzzle aficionados and newcomers to the genre alike. Do you plan to pick it up for your Switch next week?