• GAME in the UK have opened up some more pre-orders [14th Sept]
  • Walmart are taking pre-orders again. Target pre-order page is now live! [22nd Aug]
  • Amazon US appear to be taking pre-orders now. Check below for link. [22nd Aug]
  • Best Buy pre-orders opened today and sold out in 20 minutes. Keep checking for extra stock. [22nd Aug]
  • GameStop Super NES Mini register interest page now live. [23rd July]
  • US pre-orders have opened finally. Walmart are now taking orders (which all later got cancelled!). [22nd July]
  • UK retailer Argos are taking pre-orders again. [10th July]
  • Tesco (UK) have now opened pre-orders. See below. Still no news on those US pre-orders! [5th July]
  • Toys 'R Us (UK) have now opened pre-orders. See below. [29th June]
  • UK retailer Argos has now opened pre-orders. See below. [29th June]
  • The holding page for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom import from Play-Asia is now live. [28th June]
  • Holding pages for Amazon US, Target and Walmart are now visible. Not active yet however. [27th June]
  • UK pre-orders for the SNES Mini have gone live. [26th June]

The disastrous stock situation with the original NES Classic Edition has been extremely well documented across the internet. Early signs are indicating that it will be every bit as frustrating to secure a Super NES Classic Edition / SNES Classic Mini this time around also. Keep visiting this guide for the latest updates and good luck!

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US Pre-Order Status

The Super NES Classic Edition US pre-orders are officially opening today (22nd August) according to Nintendo of America. Good luck grabbing one from the various options below.

UK Pre-Order Status

We've seen many UK retailers taking pre-orders for the SNES Mini, however they have tended to sell out within minutes of opening. We expect these to open up again once they have a better understanding of their stock allocation from Nintendo, so keep checking back.

Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom

Who can resist the charms of the Super Famicom Mini? With a slightly different set of games on the micro-console, this will be a great buy for collectors.

If you spot the console available on a store you use let us know in the comments below.