EA has released a new trailer for FIFA 18 at Gamescom, and even if you have no interest in football (or soccer, if you're in America), you have to admit that it's pretty impressive.

The clip - which is set to a rather mangled version of New Order's classic Blue Monday - showcases the stunning animation present in the title, with global superstar Ronaldo given plenty of screen time.

With its PlayStation 4 branding, it's fairly obvious which version of the game the footage is pulled from, which begs the question - can the Switch version hope to match it in terms of visual spectacle? 

We already know that Nintendo players will be getting a slightly different FIFA experience to their Sony and Microsoft-supporting chums, but hopefully it will still possess its fair share of skill. 

Has this new trailer got you excited, despite not showing anything of the Switch version? Let us know with a comment.