Many owners of Nintendo's newest console have taken to the recent trend of customising their joy cons to show off some of their favourite gaming franchises. 

Alexander Blake - who goes by his Instagram name of cptnalex - has previously created custom Sonic Mania Joy-Cons depicting the blue blur and his fox friend Tails. Now the popular artist has delved into the world of Pokémon.

After generation one's Mew and Mewtwo were lucky enough to receive the treatment, it's now time for Johto's Gold and Silver to be brought into the spotlight. Legendaries Ho-oh and Lugia have been depicted in their relevant colors in these stunning depictions. 

Gold & Silver Joy-Cons.JPG

Lots of fans (and many NL staff) would be thrilled if Nintendo released something of this standard - especially to coincide with the release of Pokémon Gold & Silver on the 3DS Virtual Console. We can only hope Nintendo is listening. 

What do you think to custom Joy-Cons? Would you like Nintendo to release something similar? Let us know.