Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, published by Koei Tecmo and due for release on 24th October, is perhaps still a little under the radar. Developed by GUST Studios, the RPG is a sequel to a 2016 release that some with a PS4 may know well.

Koei Tecmo's update on the game this week goes into two distinct areas; one is a cast trailer, which introduces some of the characters that'll pop up throughout the story. Check that out below.

In addition the press release goes into some of the mechanics and systems for battles and levelling up:

In Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, players will encounter a number of unique and dastardly fiends and will have to rely on their close bonds with their companions to emerge victorious.  The battle party will always be comprised of Aluche, the player’s character, an NPC of her choice, and up to two Servans. Each team member will bring a unique selection of skills to the equation, ranging from different fighting styles and weapons to the beautiful Lily Burst, a power-up that combines the extraordinary abilities of Aluche and her humanoid companion into one devastating blow.

Aluche’s Servan allies are also useful assets to the team, with their incredible Servan Actions, which can help turn the tide of battle in her favor! The invaluable Tricker types are able to gain an advantage by unleashing their elemental abilities, dealing critical status effects to their foes. One such Tricker is the mighty canine companion, Scharf, who sends electrified spheres onto the battlefield to paralyze and inflict lasting damage on enemies! Trickers can change form as they evolve, and can grow more powerful through Reincarnation, which drastically increases their stats, allowing them to access new types of attacks and unlock incredible abilities.

As for the player-controlled Aluche, she soon discovers that the blood of slain fiends can be used to heighten her body’s strength, and players are able to choose new abilities fitting their preferred play-style from a wide selection of varied combat styles!

It'll be interesting to see how this sequel fares, and whether the Switch audience jumps on board in decent numbers once October rolls around.