As pointed out in the comments this seems to be a follow-up to 'Beat Sports', which was a high profile arrival on Apple TV in 2015. They aren't actually the same game but seem to share two minigames.

Original Article:

The exciting run of new Switch eShop game announcements continues, with Harmonix (best known perhaps for the Rock Band series in the past) confirming Super Beat Sports as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

It'll be a collection of five rhythm-based minigames, all wrapped around a quirky story involving musical aliens.

The trailer doesn't teach us much about the gameplay, but the following details from the Harmonix blog post provide more insight.

Dash back and forth between lanes to return pitches in Whacky Bat. Time your swings to the rhythm of the music and knock out your alien opponents one by one. Return each serve and build a streak to earn big points.

Buddy Ball
is a competitive multiplayer ball-bashing battle. Put your rhythmic reflexes to the test as aliens serve the ball at varying speeds to you and your friends. You’ll lose a heart for every miss so aim your rebounds strategically while avoiding mines and be the last slugger standing.

Introducing our brand new multiplayer mode, Rhythm Racket! Protect your goal from rhythmic ricochets bouncing around the field building beats. Knock out the competition and be the last player standing.

Serve it up with Net Ball and volley back and forth to the beat. Maintain a rhythm as the difficulty of each serve increases, working towards a perfect streak. Play solo or set friends up for a spike for the ultimate victory.

Gobble Golf features famished aliens hungry for sports. Memorize musical patterns and swing at the right time at the right mouth to feed them. Team up with friends and synchronize serves to satisfy the aliens. The more you feed, the higher your score.

It looks rather promising, and we evidently don't have long to wait before we can play it. Do you like the look of Super Beat Sports?

[via harmonixmusic.com]