The Gorges Du Verdon, in south-eastern France, is a river canyon that has scenery to rival that found in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It looks like a great place to visit for relaxation and to admire the beauty of nature.

Extreme sports athlete Mich Kemeter has other ideas, however. This pro slackliner likes nothing more than to cross the canyon in his bare feet on a high wire, suspended several hundred metres above the majestic river.

Don't worry readers, we're not turning into Red Bull here. We share the video with you because Nintendo Germany featured it on YouTube; when halfway through his crossing he casually sits down on the highwire and has a bit of a play on his Nintendo Switch... as you do!

To say that Mich has nerves of steel to attempt such a thing is a understatement. Don't try this sort of thing yourself kids!