Just recently it was confirmed that the first third-party video streaming app was all set for Nintendo Switch, with NicoNico coming to the Japanese eShop. While it's not the streaming news we all necessarily want at this stage, it's an encouraging first step to show that, in theory, Nintendo is willing to allow platforms like this on the Switch.

In any case the free app is now live, and of course it's pretty easy to set yourself up with a Japanese account in order to access it. Though the app does try to push you towards paying for a premium subscription, it's worth noting that it can be used completely free.

If you want to know how to access it and, more importantly, how to navigate the initial Japanese menus to view content, then the video below is a handy guide. It's by gaijin hunter, a channel we've covered in the past for its excellent Monster Hunter coverage.

Are you planning to setup a Japanese Nintendo Account to experiment with the NicoNico app?