Based on the Switch eShop charts Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition has, unsurprisingly, proven to be rather popular on the system. It's certainly worthy of praise for offering such a feature-rich version of the game that can also be played on the go, but one complaint at its launch was that it ran in 720p even when docked, as opposed to jumping to a higher resolution as many games do.

This week brought good news, however, with a bump to 1080p when docked confirmed among a range of improvements in the latest update. Now Digital Foundry has done what it does best and put it to the test, checking out that resolution jump in addition to the game's performance.

Check it out below.

Very positive results all around, and it's pleasing to see that performance (even in multiplayer) is still holding up well after the update. It certainly seems to be the case that the Switch had the processing room to make the jump, it was just a case of the development team working around the hiccups of the portable to docked transition.

Let us know if you've noticed much of a difference in Minecraft on the Switch since its update.