Kickstarter campaigns raise vital money to fund development projects, but they're also a publicity vehicle to attract investment and/or publishers. For solo developer James Lightfoot his campaign served both purposes - he funded his project The Mystery of Woolley Mountain, and now Huey Games is confirmed to be publishing. Huey Games is also involved with the upcoming release of Hyper Sentinel, and the announcement of that partnership has been accompanied by confirmation that Woolley Mountain will also come to Switch.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is pitched as a conventional point-and-click game with a typically quirky cast, aiming to bring the golden era of LucasArts and more to mind. Its original Kickstarter video is below.

It's targeting a Summer 2018 release, and a new trailer below shows more of the game in action.

Are you pleased to see that this is coming to the Switch eShop?