There are three things you can be sure of in life: death, taxes and a new Pokémon movie every few years.

The next cinematic outing for the juggernaut than is the Pokémon brand - subtitled "I Choose You!" - is getting hyped up in Japan at present, and seeks to re-tell the famous Indigo League series - which is ultimately where it all began for the franchise in animated terms.

However, the promotional material for this new film has two rather glaring omissions in its cast: there's no Brock or Misty to be seen.

The official site for the movie instead shows Ash accompanied by two new companions, named Makoto and Souji. Nurse Joy is listed, but Brock and Misty? Nope.

However, one individual who has seen the film in Japan does confirm that the two famous faces appear in the end credits of the movie. Still, it's very strange that these two pivotal characters have been airbrushed out of the main narrative, and even stranger still that they have been replaced by two quite generic kids.

We'll reserve final judgement on the success of this change until we've seen the film, but what are your thoughts?