People "raging quitting" during online games is a common problem these days, and developers are being forced to come up with ways of punishing such sore losers to ensure it doesn't impact the enjoyment of others.

Splatoon 2 is no exception; if you decide to leave a match by putting your Switch into sleep mode or turning it off entirely, you'll see a warning message the next time to enter the game:

Given that experience points are dished out even when you're on the losing side, there's no genuine reason to quit a match in Splatoon 2 unless you're being particularly grumpy. 

This system might cause issues if you're in a location with spotty wireless, though - if your signal keeps dropping and kicking you off, you could be banned from the game for a short time. For that reason, the warning also states that you should check your WiFi before entering another match.

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