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We're still not sure why there's no equivalent to the Activity Log on the Nintendo Switch, but as quite a few realised early on you can use the Parental Controls App on a smart device to do the same thing. While it's also useful for parents to manage and moderate the gaming of their little 'uns, some of us use it just to track general playtime, mimicking our parents in the process. Have fun with that, Freudians.

In any case, the app now has a handy update that improves the service for actual parents but also those of us curious about how long we're playing each game. As you can see below there's now further detail and notifications on downloads, while playtime breakdowns are more detailed and also separated by user.


It's a decent update, all told, and as always the app is rather quick and efficient in updating itself and linking to the Switch when you have a solid connection.

And yes, here's the really cool trailer for the app once again, which stands out as one of Nintendo's cuter videos of recent years.

Are you a parent making good use of this app, or are you like this writer, pretending to be your own parent and heading for a psychiatrist's couch? Reveal all in the comments below.