San Diego Comic-Con brought plenty of reveals and updated trailers, and when catching up with a video for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 we saw a subtle bit of good news for Nintendo fans.

At the end of the video - which shows of Kang the Conqueror and aspects of the hub world of Chronopolis - it closes with a still promoting pre-orders for the 'Deluxe Edition'. It's the UK trailer, hence the 17th November date (it's due on 14th November in North America), but it does clearly show the Switch getting that edition.

All things being equal that should mean that picking up that version will get Switch owners all of the relevant content, including season pass extras and the pre-order bonus of a Guardians of the Galaxy pack.

That shouldn't be news, really, but unfortunately quite a few LEGO games - albeit not all of them - skipped some DLC and season pass content on the Wii U. It's certainly a plus that this release looks set to deliver all of the available content on Switch.

Are you thinking of picking this up later in the year?