Sega has released the opening theme for the upcoming Sonic Forces, which features vocals and lyrics by Douglas Robb of Hoobastank. 

Hoobastank were formed in 1994 (it says here) and have sold 10 million albums worldwide (it also says here). We can't say we've spun many of their discs in the Nintendo Life office, but then again our taste in music is limited to Shakin' Stevens and The Sweet (with perhaps a little bit of Showaddywaddy thrown in when we're feeling particularly energetic).

We played the E3 build of Sonic Forces recently and came away somewhat unimpressed, stating:

Nothing feels like it has any focus or passion behind it; it’s more as if it’s a game being pushed out to make money in a hurry, and as soon as something passable for a game is there SEGA is ready to just throw it out, consequences be damned. It’s worrying, and unless the final release manages to pull something out of the hat we’re looking at ‘just another modern Sonic game’, and not in a good way.

Are you still holding out hope that Sonic Forces will turn out to be good, and has this new theme tune restored your faith in the Blue Blur? Have a listen and then let us know by posting a comment.