Hex Gambit Nintendo Switch

We're relatively picky about Kickstarter projects, but Hex Gambit is looking like a pretty solid bet. Not only has it raised over $8500 of its $11,000 Kickstarter target at the time of writing (with 29 days to go) but it's also placing the Nintendo Switch front and centre as a platform alongside PC.

With a target release window of April 2018 for Switch, it seems like an interesting idea; some details and the pitch video are below.

Hex Gambit is a turn-based PvP strategy game with a focus on fluidity and player creativity. We're favoring moves and abilities that are useful for more than one thing, in more than one way.

Take our checkers-inspired crowdsurfing mechanic: for the cost of moving one space, any character in the game can bounce over the head of a neighboring unit and land on the opposite side. That's chainable if a bunch of characters are standing in a line, and it makes moving around the map a fun puzzle in and of itself.

Players select a squad of 5 minion classes and 1 captain, who provides your team with a unique bonus. We'll have 7 minions to choose from on launch day for 21 combinations, times 6 captains. More minions are planned as post-launch DLC to increase that variety exponentially.

In your first turn, you arrange any five starting minions however you like on your side of the map. This quick setup phase kicks matches into action almost immediately. Games typically last 10-30 minutes, with stronger character abilities unlocking in the late game for epic, decisive conclusions.

The first player to reach 10 Victory Points wins. 1 VP is awarded for a minion kill, 2 if you can "tap" a crystal pillar on the hostile side of the map.

The heart of Hex Gambit is our competitive online league play. Each month, players can choose a new faction to fight for in a massive territory control metagame. Any Victory Points you earn in a league match, win or lose, help your faction seize territory on a huge hex map. Profile trophies are awarded to all members of the winning faction each season, and to the top performers on each team.

Would you like to see this one get funded for a Switch release?

[via kickstarter.com]