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    Review Splatoon 2

    Totally off the hook

    Going into Splatoon 2 after the excellent first entry in the series, expectations were high; arguably too high to be properly realised. The original showed an incredible level of ingenuity, clever design, and almost boundless creativity, so could the sequel match up or suffer from a case of the Final Fantasy IIs? First off,...

  • News Wii U OS Version 5.5.2 Is Now Live

    Now this was unexpected

    It’s been months since we last saw an update for the Wii U, but that’s not necessarily surprising given that Nintendo jumped ship with the thing just about as fast as they plausibly could’ve. Indeed, the Wii U died a quick death as Nintendo moved on to greener pastures with the Switch, but it seems that perhaps the...

  • Rumour Wii U System Update Hints That Miiverse Is Coming To An End Soon

    So long, and thanks for all the doodles

    The recent Wii U system update apparently brings with it more than just increased stability - dataminers have discovered a message which hints that Miiverse is coming to an end. Deep within Wii U system update 5.5.2, the following text has been unearthed: The Miiverse service has ended. Miiverse and any...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Kirby's Blowout Blast

    A Past from the Blast

    After 25 years, the Kirby universe has enough material to fill a Hyrule Historia-like compendium (hint, hint). Many games along the way have added little quirks and abilities to shake things up, but Kirby’s Blowout Blast takes a decidedly throwback approach by channelling the veteran hero’s first game. Blowout Blast strips...

  • Gallery A Look Back At Some Of Miiverse's Craziest And Most Beautiful Moments

    "y cant metroid crawl?"

    Nintendo's quirky social network Miiverse was launched way back in 2012 alongside the Wii U, and was later rolled out to the 3DS. While many gamers used it to request or share tips on their favourite games, there have been many amusing moments over the years, and some heartbreaking ones too - such as this doomed Miiverse...

  • News Nintendo Switch Demand Remains High in Japan, As Thousands Queue for Raffles

    It's not just about Zelda any more

    When the Nintendo Switch launched there was understandable relief at its positive reception, with plenty of hype ensuring that demand outstripped supply. Though Nintendo has frequently made noises about ramping up production it's taking some time, and there still aren't enough systems to go around. A case in point...

  • News Davide Soliani And Grant Kirkhope Recall The Awkwardness Of Their First Miyamoto Meetings

    "I was on my knees and I looked up to see Miyamoto staring down at me"

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a rather odd pairing, but the team behind the game are pureblood Nintendo fans, and what we've seen of the game so far gives us much reason to be optimistic. For Ubisoft Milan creative director and a lifelong Nintendo fanboy Davide...

  • News Anker Is Releasing A Range Of Pokémon Mobile Accessories

    Cases! Batteries! Speakers!

    Mobile phone accessory maker Anker is already famous with Nintendo fans thanks to its excellent range of portable batteries, but the company is now staking its claim for further glory with a line of officially licensed Pokémon gear for your blower. Included in the range are iPhone 7 cases, portable batteries...

  • News There’s a Splatoon Anime on the Way to YouTube

    Keeping things fresh

    Despite making its debut on Nintendo’s underperforming Wii U, Splatoon has become a successful new Nintendo property by all counts, especially in Japan. For quite a while now, there’s been a long running Splatoon manga in Japan’s CoroCoro magazine, which has proven itself to be decently popular in the region. And now with...

  • News Luggage Company LeSportsac Has All Your Nintendo Travel Needs Sorted

    New line of bags coming to Japan

    If you like everything in your life to have a Nintendo theme, then you'll be pleased to learn that American luggage company LeSportsac has teamed up with the Japanese video game veteran to release a trendy new line of themed travel accessories in Japan.  The line is split into three main categories. 'Super...

  • News Monster Jam: Crush It! Will Ride Roughshod Over Switch This Holiday Season

    They're big, bad, dirty and mean

    Maximum Games is bringing vehicular destruction to the Switch later this year in the form of Monster Jam: Crush It! Based on the PS4 and Xbox One title from 2016, this chaotic racer features more than 30 maps covering forest, desert, winter and farm environments. You'll also find 84 skill challenges and 12...

  • Random Amazing Pokémon Art Created With Over 20,000 Dominoes

    The plastic tiles, not pizza

    Some people have all the fun. An amazing piece of fan-art has been created by YouTuber "TheDominoKing" dedicated to everyone's favourite electric mouse.  The setup sees 22,177 dominoes lined up perfectly before being knocked over appropriately with a Pickachu plushie. What happens next is satisfying chaos as the...

  • News ARMS to Feature in Inaugural Evo Japan Tournament

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U makes the cut, Melee doesn't

    This year's Evo extravaganza brought a range of reveals along with the high-end competitive play, and included some details related to the first ever Evo Japan. It'll take place in Tokyo from 26th to 28th January and will feature two prominent Nintendo titles in its line-up. Tekken...

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  • News It Seems Argos Is Cancelling Some SNES Classic Mini Pre-Orders In The UK

    UPDATE: Argos now offering unlucky customers a console

    Update: We've had confirmed reports that Argos is getting in touch with those UK customers who had their SNES Mini orders cancelled and is now offering them a console for launch day. Presumably this means the retailer has been given a larger allocation of stock; if you had your order cancelled...

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    Review Cars 3: Driven to Win

    Cruisin' in 3rd gear

    Nintendo systems often get tie-ins for popular family movies, fleshing out the multi-platform offerings that are available. It's absolutely understandable considering the fact that young audiences do get drawn to Nintendo hardware, and that's continuing with the Switch. Cars 3: Driven to Win is an early contender in this...

  • News Fan-Made "Mega Maker" is Releasing Next Week

    DIY Mega Man

    “Super Mario Maker's” popularity proved something most people in the ROM hacking community already knew for years: there is a game designer hidden in all of us. Yet most of us do not have the technical expertise to look up code and understand how it works. Level editors are nothing new, of course, going as far back as some games...

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