In utilising NVIDIA Tegra technology the Switch is an outlier from its console rivals, adopting the mobile tech while PS4 and Xbox One utilise AMD chips. That NVIDIA partnership does open up interesting possibilities when you consider what the Shield TV device does on similar technology (albeit the GPU is at a higher clock in that system), and one of these could relate to streaming apps.

Rainway, a new contender in the PC game streaming scene has been suggesting it'd bring its app to Nintendo Switch, before then posting about receiving an update from Nintendo. It's now teasing an announcement for today at 1pm Eastern (reference to 'tomorrow' ties in for the US time zone / tweet time), which happens to be one hour after the Nintendo Spotlight, leading plenty to assume it relates to the app and the Switch.

Prior to that our own video man Alex Olney had been prodding them on this very topic.

Is this opportunistic attention grabbing, or is Rainway going to announce upcoming support for the Nintendo Switch? The idea of using a web connection to stream our PC games to the Switch (and therefore have them on the portable or TV with ease) is undoubtedly exciting, but would Nintendo really allow this? It'll be fascinating to see, and it would certainly add a new selling point (albeit relatively niche) to the system.

We'll see what Rainway says later today.

With thanks to SLIGEACH_EIRE for the heads up.